Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the information about engraving

How do I get my Medical Alert ID Engraved?

Underneath the product options you will see text boxes where you can add your information to be engraved onto the medical bracelet

Please note only to include important information as there is limited space to engrave the wording on the Medical ID

How much info can I put onto my Medical ID?
We recommend that you have a maximum of 3 lines of text added to your medical ID with a character limit of around 30 Characters Here is an example Name Allergy/Condition Important Information
I'm still not sure what should be engraved..
  • List only medical conditions which would be important to know in an emergency. For example, a minor surgery that took place several years ago may no longer be relevant to your medical care.
  • Each medical ID style allows a different amount of information to be engraved. If you know you will need a lot of information engraved, select a style that can accommodate this, such as our two-sided IDs. You can also engrave "See wallet card" and list more information there than can fit on your ID. You should list frequently changing medicines only on a wallet card.
  • Summarise your information with short, descriptive words. Any information that will not fit on your medical ID bracelet or necklace can be written on a wallet or handbag ID card.
  • Only medicines taken on a long-term basis should be engraved on a medical ID. You may wish to list the most important medicines first.
Should I include my name?

Engraving your name on your medical ID is a matter of personal preference. However, listing at least a first name is recommended. In an emergency, EMRs and doctors will say a person's name in an effort to get his or her attention if the person is, for example, in a daze, a diabetic coma or unconscious.

We recommend that medical alert jewellery engraved for an Alzheimer's patient include his or her name and address or the address of a caregiver or family member.

Other frequently asked questions.

How long will it take to get my medical ID?
All items are processed in 2-3 working days and delivery takes between 20-30 days from ordering during busy periods and 10-20 days in quiet periods.
Please remember all items are made to order some are sent directly from our supplier.
All items are tracked and tracking numbers will be sent to your e-mail after dispatch. 
How do I track the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order and track your order from your account and via the Tracking page on the homepage.

What is your returns policy?

If you have purchased a custom engraved Medical ID then we can only accept returns up to 14 days from the date of delivery under the following conditions. 

  • If your medical ID is damaged or incorrect on arrival
  • If we have sent the wrong item to you.

If you have ordered a generic Medical ID e.g. Diabetic then we are able to accept returns up to 30 days from the date of delivery. 

We ask that you make sure all of the information is correct at the time of ordering and you have fully read the description of the items that you have purchased.

We want to make sure everyone is happy with their purchase and we will rectify any issue that you may have, 

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